Our Environment

Our Environmental Policy

In order to conduct and continue our high-quality food production, harvesting and distribution process, Dolce Pineapple Co., Inc. adheres to the following principles that constitute our overall Environmental Policy as follows:

As a Company:

  1. We adhere to and follow all legislation, mandated by the Republic of Panama and international certification agencies, especially those laws and policies relating to environmental requirements and conservation efforts for our natural and human resources.
  2. We employ strict, sustainable, highly effective production methods and agricultural practices to ensure that they never, in any way, negatively affect any part of our environment or the tropical ecosystem surrounding our Plantation, so as to protect the health of our staff and all other members of our community.
  3. We follow strict procedures to prevent all accidents -- in particular those accidents or situations that might constitute an environmental risk or that have an environmental impact -- and we will continue to maintain a permanent monitoring system in order to minimize such accidents.
  4. We promote and encourage the same corporate principles, agendas and qualification requirements, both voluntary and performance-based among our personnel with the primary focus on environmental conservation.
  5. We continuously encourage and promote integrated, positive activities that support environmental responsibility, conservationism, eco-consciousness and overall sustainable development throughout all the communities that we serve.